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Telling the truth about Internet gun sales

I hear repeatedly that I can buy guns on the Internet without a background check. Like most things on the subject of guns being proffered by the proponents of further limitations on our second amendment rights, it is a complete … Continue reading

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Starting to use a new Blogging and Journalling tool

I’ve started using MacJournal that also allows me to blog directly to WordPress. Hopefully this will allow me to post more often and express my opinions, while it is still legal to do so.

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Rules to Live by as a Developer

Don’t sweat irrelevancies. Strive to recognize irrelevancies for what they are. Never let perfect be the enemy of good. Never accept mediocrity when following rule #3. Never pass up the opportunity to learn something new and interesting.  

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Al Gore in Aspen, CO

Just read some of the comments Al Gore made recently in Aspen about the debate on global warming or what is now called climate change to cover more bases. It is a rare thing indeed to see a man who … Continue reading

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BATFE Enforcing Law Based on Nazi Gun Law?

The ATF, precursor to the BATFE, was originally a tax collecting branch of the treasury charged with taxing firearms, tobacco and alcohol. Their primary work on firearms was, until late 1968, enforcing the taxes on firearms falling under the National … Continue reading

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Gov Perry’s Day of Prayer

Governor Perry of Texas is calling for a day of prayer for our country on August 6. The atheists are suing to block his holding a rally at Reliant Stadium. I would suggest that those people who do not support … Continue reading

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Bill Nye and Venus

Bill Nye the science guy said we should look to Venus as a model for global warming on Earth. I have a problem with the comparison. Venus has often been referred to as our sister planet but there are two … Continue reading

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