About Me

My name is Jeff Regan and I am a software developer currently located in Dallas, TX. Along the way, in my career, I have re-learned the technology at least four times and probably more than that. Programming is the only thing I have ever enjoyed as a job. It fulfills my need to create and innovate. I take great satisfaction in addressing my customer’s needs and providing tools that allow them to do their jobs better. Being recognized as the go-to guy with the can-do attitude is just icing on the cake.

As a developer, one of the most important realizations to come to is that we are not the user. Too many systems are written with the developer in mind and not the ultimate user. The best system is the one that does the job for the user and is less intrusive than the process it replaced, regardless of what that process was. Always remember that one doesn’t need to understand the physics of inelastic collisions to use a hammer.

When I am not working with computers, I like to play some pool. Earlier in my life I played a lot of straight pool and nine-ball. After a layoff of a couple of decades, I started playing again in 2002 in Florida. Since then I have played with the APA in four states. If you are an amateur player who wants to have fun and meet people, check out the APA in your area.

I hope my thoughts in this blog will provoke thought in my readers. If you don’t agree with me, so much the better. Just remember that the first rule of debate is to debate the belief, not the person.


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