Gov Perry’s Day of Prayer

Governor Perry of Texas is calling for a day of prayer for our country on August 6. The atheists are suing to block his holding a rally at Reliant Stadium.

I would suggest that those people who do not support a day of prayer get over it and, if they don’t want to participate, don’t go. Unless someone is trying to make it mandatory, consider it an opportunity to exercise your free will and allow those of us who differ from your beliefs to exercise ours.

This nation has, in some ways, an almost schizophrenic relationship with religion. The first amendment was crafted to respect certain rights, one of which was the freedom to practice religious beliefs without governmental interference and to prevent the establishment of a government religion.

Governor Perry is asking us to join him in prayer for our nation. He is asking us to join in an expression of faith. If he were not the governor, it would not be an issue. Perhaps the issue is with an elected official admitting that there may be a higher power than government.

I think there is no problem with the prayer rally Governor Perry is holding. I would have some problem if the rally was funded with public money as that could be a conflict. Prohibiting a governmental official from making public his religious faith is, in my view, a violation of his first amendment rights.

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