Mark Halperin, MSNBC and Expression

Mark Halperin referred to our president as being “kind of a dick”. The White House apparently called MSNBC and complained and Halperin was suspended indefinitely.

I think it was within the rights of the White House to call MSNBC just as anybody else has the right to call and complain if comments on a television program caused them to take umbrage. It only served to give the incident more legs and show how thin-skinned the White House has become but they did have the right to comment.

I think most of what I have read is beside the point I find most troubling. Mark Halperin is paid to be a talking head. He is a political analyst for MSNBC and editor at-large for Time magazine. I find it very troubling that the best he can come up with is a remark more expected in a bar near closing time than on a news program.

I think Mark Halperin should remain on suspension until he can show that he can put a thought together without using idiotic ad-hominem remarks. Such attacks are out of line regardless of the target. The whole interchange on MSNBC (I actually saw the whole piece) undermines the little credibility MSNBC still has.

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