The Ruling Class at it’s worst?

The Patriot Post listed this quote for it’s weekly “Alpha Jackass” Award. I have also included their notation to the quote.

“It’s a free country. I wish it weren’t, but it’s a free country, and you got to, you got to respect that freedom.” –Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a Democrat, objecting to the Glenn Beck rally and typifying the Left’s attitude toward free speech — it’s great only if they agree with it.

When a state governor has the hubris to lament a citizen’s exercise of his right to free speech and express his desire that this not be a free country, it is time for him to go! Only dictators lament the right of the governed to have and express their beliefs. The hubris stems from the idea that this comment would go without notice or protest.

The “Alpha Jackass” award goes to the dumbest remark of the week. I argue that this comment is the most divisive and telling example of the rise of the “Ruling Class” or at least the perception of too many elected officials that they rule rather than govern. Gov. Patrick is just one of many who have expressed their attitude that they are ruling the sheep who have not the brains to know what is good for them.

There are differences between people and parties. There is room for a healthy discussion of political and ideological differences. Unfortunately, too many people on the left seem to feel that we all have the right to share their beliefs. I assert that there is a belief among the left that their beliefs are the only ones that are right and that opposing views are not only contrary but must be suppressed. I have not heard the same attitude and rhetoric from the right side of the aisle.

How can a person who laments the most basic tenets of our country by expressing that he wished the United States of America was not a free country argue that he should keep his job as governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

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