An Apology

I mistakenly deleted my post on Shirley Sharrod because I fat fingered a new entry.

To recap, I believed that Ms Sharrod was given a bum rap for her statements as the video was edited. Even with the editing, MS Sharrod used one remark that told me I might be looking at a person describing an epiphany and not a person expressing beliefs.

I also stated my position as a white, middle aged, conservative who believes there is no place for racism, bigotry or prejudice in our society. The days when we all measure by character rather than color or any other meaningless characteristic should be here.

Ms Sharrod went on to make some rather scathing comments about George Bush and some comments on how she sees the Republican’s outlook on race. She has every right in the world to hold whatever opinion she wants but I think she is selling conservatives short when she characterizes us as wanting to return to the days when black people looked at whites with eyes averted. I am sorry she holds these beliefs as they can be a roadblock to further understanding.

Expecting any group to look at me with eyes downcast would indicate that I consider myself to be their superior. Furthermore, this would indicate that I believe in racial superiority. I do not. There is no inherently superior race. We all are individuals with unique gifts and abilities to contribute.

Ms Sharrod is one more victim of the knee jerk response to anything that might be considered in a bad light. Perhaps we all should read the lyrics of “Amazing Grace”.

My closing thoughts remain this: It is wrong to defend someone you know to be wrong. It is wrong to fail to defend someone you know is innocent. It is wrong to act without evidence as the outcome is usually unexpected and unwanted.

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